I am here to help.

Whether you have found me on your own or by way of a referral from a trusted friend, colleague, or provider, I am happy you are here. My goal in counseling is to help individuals and couples navigate the challenges that they face in their day-to-day lives. This process often involves exploration of difficult relationships and complex human experiences. While this exploration process is important and can lead to tremendous growth and success, it can be emotionally and mentally taxing – I am here to help walk you through this process safely and efficiently. Your goals will guide our work together. As a counselor, I will work to make sure that you are seen, heard and understood. Developing insight through the counseling process can help you to improve your life outside of counseling and grow and change in whatever way is most helpful for you. 

While working as a program coordinator at a fertility clinic after college, I was inspired to find additional ways to help couples struggling with infertility. After 7 years of experience in a fertility clinic, I am excited to offer counseling services to individuals and couples with specialization in infertility, donor conception, and gestational surrogacy. 

I am not accepting new individual or couple's counseling clients, at this time. Please reach out if you would like to be place on my waiting list.